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A new revolution of thermal insulation. Just a few mm of VISCOSYN® Lis-A is enough to replace conventional insulation. VISCOSYN® Lis-A is a liquid insulation system containing the latest vacuum glass microspheres technology. VISCOSYN® Lis-A can be used in combination with most protective coatings, at temperatures up to 180 °C, making its use almost unlimited.

When saving energy meets innovation.

VISCOSYN® Lis-A is applied as a modular thermal insulation coating system that adheres seamless and directly to the substrate. By eliminating the occurrence of condensation under insulation and the shielding effect of standard insulation, VISCOSYN® Lis-A will give an excellent protection against Corrosion Under Insulation (C.U.I.). It can be used in the following markets: Energy, Marine, Construction, Oil & Gas- and Chemical industries.

VISCOSYN® Lis-A is part of the VISCOSYN product range. Contact us for more information on other VISCOSYN products.

How does it work?

While heat can move three ways (conduction, convection, and radiation) it rarely moves in only one of them. Except in outer space, all three mechanisms are working together in varying degrees. So does Lis-A, only the other way around. Lis-A blocks all three ways by using special developed vacuum glass microspheres technology, creating a highly effective insulation.

Viscosyn Lis-a blocks heat transfer through:

• Very small amount of solid material
• Thin connecting walls
• Glass microspheres are vacuum
• Our glass microspheres are extreme small
• Glass bubbles are custom coated, creating low emissivity surface

Lis-a vs conventional insulation

• Applied seamless as a coating
• No more cold bridges
• No moisture trapped inside
• No condensation
• Avoiding Corrosion Under Insulation (C.U.I.)
• Pre-fabrication insulation
• Save time on engineering
• Maintenance and inspection friendly
• Reduction of space and weight
• Integrated in protective coating system
• Stable thermal conductivity (λ ≈ 0,05 W m-1 K-1)
• Application up to 180 °C
• Integrated in protective coating system

Where to use it for?

The excellent insulation properties of VISCOSYN Lis-A makes it an ideal material for markets such as: Oil & Gas-, Chemical-, Construction- and the Offshore industry.

Here is a small summary of the applications:
• Thermal Insulation of warm and cold objects
• Preventing condensation
• Reduction of surface temperatures
• Avoiding corrosion under insulation (C.U.I.)
• Difficult locations (especially useful for maintenance)
• Reduction of necessary space and weight
• Personal protection
• Rehab of current insulation projects